St. Louis

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This was a 599 ton schooner barge built in 1864 and sunk Feb. 18th 1914. St. Louis is a popular training site for many scuba divers.

She is located off the shore waterfront, east end Cape Vincent. She is located close to shore with depths close to 40 ft. and is near the boat ramp.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river St. Lawrence River Official name St. Louis
 GPS Coordinates n/a Also known as –
 Access Shore Type Barge
 Description Shipwreck Material Wood
 Min. / max. depth 40 ft Propulsion n/a
 Visibility n/a Cargo n/a
 Current n/a Built by / at n/a
 Level Novice Built / lauch date 1864
 Thermocline n/a Sunk / flooded February 18th, 1914
 Bottom type n/a Dimensions n/a
 Boat traffic n/a Position n/a
 Hazards n/a