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Built in 1861 and launched July 1861 at Three Mile Bay, NY as “J.B. Penfield” and sank August 17, 1889. This wooden three masted schooner (136.2 ft. x 26.2 ft. x 10.8 ft.) was renamed A.E. Vickery Feb. 25, 1884 and struck a rock while entering the American “Narrows” with a cargo of 21,000 bushels of corn destined for Wisers Distillery at Prescott, Ontario.

Normally buoyed and located along side Rock Island Reef Light, divers can follow the buoy line into a very quick surface current onto the shoal head in 25-30 ft. of water. The bow of the Vickery lies about 10-15 ft. away at a depth of 65 feet.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river  St. Lawrence River  Official name  A.E. Vickory
 GPS Coordinates  N44 16.8210
W76 01.1830
 Also known as  J.B. Penfield
 Access  Boat  Type  Schooner
 Description  Shipwreck  Material  Wood
 Min. / max. depth  60-125 ft  Propulsion  Sail
 Visibility  25 ft  Cargo  n/a
 Current  Strong (surface)  Built by / at  n/a
 Level  Advanced  Built / lauch date  July 1861
 Thermocline  n/a  Sunk / flooded  August 17th, 1889
 Bottom type  Sand  Dimensions  136.2 ft x 26.2 ft x 10.8 ft
 Boat traffic  n/a  Position  Side
 Hazards  n/a