Scuba Training FAQ

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Q. Is participation in all pool and open water sessions mandatory?
A. Yes. If for some reason you have to miss an evening, we will make every effort to offer you an alternate evening to make up the lost class.
Q. What kind of shape do I have to be in to do scuba?
A. You don’t have to be an athlete to dive, but it is a physical activity. You require a level of health, fitness and conditioning sufficient to handle moderately strenuous activity, which could include emergency or other unanticipated physical demands. Ideally, you should have a complete physical examination by a physician knowledgeable in dive medicine prior to diving.
Q. What is the “dreaded swim?”
A. On your first night of the Open Water Diver Course you are required to swim 200 meters any style and tread water for 10 minutes. This is not a race, but a leisurely exercise to prove to us that you’re not a human anchor. Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Q. What about sex, drugs, alcohol and scuba?
A. Sex is fine (provided you’re rested), but never use alcohol, drugs or tobacco prior to diving. If you’re taking a prescription drug, discuss its effects with your physician prior to diving.
Q. If I have a cold, can I still dive or do I have to miss class?
A. Any condition that effects ears and sinuses will effect your ability to equalize underwater (you’ll learn about this in chapter 1 of your diver manual). If you have a minor cold, you may not have to miss your pool sessions, but never dive in the open water with a cold, or on cold medication.