Scuba Equipment Servicing Price list

Air and Nitrox Fills 
Air fill or Premix 32% Nitrox fill$10 per fill or $7.50 with Air Fill Card
Nitrox fill (other than premix 32%, up to 40% 02)$15
Steel Nitrox tank rental (includes fill)$25
Helium$2 per cubic foot
Argon$1.50 per cubic foot
100% O275¢ per cubic foot
All tanks sold receive fill cards equivalent to the value of the tank

Sharky’s Air Filling Policies

  • Cylinders are filled at 300-600 PSIG per minute to service pressure.
  • Cylinders must have current hydrostatic test and formal visual inspection with visual plus.
  • Only DOT, DOT/CTC, TC cylinders will be filled.
  • Cylinders will not be overpressurized.

Cylinders will not be filled if:

  • Shoulder codes cannot be read.
  • Valve has no pressure relief device or non multiport burst disk.
  • Dents, bulges, line corrosion, pits or hear discoloration is present.
  • Cylinders has known or suspected history of overpressurization.

Regulator Servicing   
First and second stage inspection/cleaning$45Complete overhaul$65
First stage inspection/cleaning$30Complete overhaul$50
Second stage inspection/cleaning$25Complete overhaul$45
Depth inspection/cleaning$20Complete overhaul$40
Full Overhaul
(first and second stage, pressure gauge, inspection of all hoses, gauge, o-ring replacement, high pressure seat replacement, exhaust valve replacement)
Cold water kit (includes installation)$90-200

Tank Servicing (Sharky’s has its own in-house hydrostatic testing machine) 
Annual VIP
(includes new valve o-ring, sticker, fill)
Hydrostatic testing (in-house hydrostatic testing machine)
(includes VIP and fill)
Tumble (inside cleaning)$50
VIP nitrox tank
(includes new valve o-ring, sticker, fill with premix 32%)
02 clean cylinder, valve inspection and fill$50

BCDs Inspection and Maintenance

$35 (parts not included)
clean out inflator hoses, o-rings, exhaust valves
we will inform you before any parts are ordered