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Scuba Equipment Servicing Price list

During the pandemic, we are hunkered down repairing and maintaining our customer’s scuba gear. You have to be ready to travel once the travel bans are lifted.

Come by and drop off your Scuba Gear to be serviced. We expect to be overwhelmed by requests for service and maintenance in the next month or so when everything becomes better locally and worldwide for travel. Be proactive and get your gear serviced now… before the rush.

Air and Nitrox Fills
Air fill $10 per fill, or $9 per fill with 10 Air Fills Card purchase
Premix 32% Nitrox fill$20 per fill, or $18 per fill with 10 Nitrox Fills Card purchase
Nitrox fill (other than premix 32%, up to 40% 02)$20 + additional fee according to contents
Steel Nitrox tank rental (includes fill)$25
Helium$3.50 per cubic foot
Argon$2.50 per cubic foot
100% O2$2.00 per cubic foot
All tanks sold receive fill cards equivalent to the value of the tank

Sharky’s Air Filling Policies

  • Cylinders are filled at 300-600 PSIG per minute to service pressure.
  • Cylinders must have current hydrostatic test and formal visual inspection with visual plus.
  • Only DOT, DOT/CTC, TC cylinders will be filled.
  • Cylinders will not be overpressurized.

Cylinders will not be filled if:

  • Shoulder codes cannot be read.
  • Valve has no pressure relief device or non multiport burst disk.
  • Dents, bulges, line corrosion, pits or hear discoloration is present.
  • Cylinders has known or suspected history of overpressurization.
Regulator Servicing
First and second stage inspection/cleaning$45Complete overhaul$65
First stage inspection/cleaning$30Complete overhaul$50
Second stage inspection/cleaning$25Complete overhaul$45
Depth inspection/cleaning$20Complete overhaul$40
Full Overhaul
(first and second stage, pressure gauge, inspection of all hoses, gauge, o-ring replacement, high pressure seat replacement, exhaust valve replacement)
Cold water kit (includes installation)$90-200
Tank Servicing (Sharky’s has its own in-house hydrostatic testing machine)
Annual VIP
(includes new valve o-ring, sticker, fill)
$24.99 + Fill
( $10. for air, or $20. for Nitrox 32% premix )
Hydrostatic testing (in-house hydrostatic testing machine)
(includes VIP and fill)

Composite tanks (carbon fiber, etc) $64.99

Tumble (inside cleaning)$50
02 clean cylinder, valve inspection and fill$50
BCDs Inspection and Maintenance
$35 (parts not included)
clean out inflator hoses, o-rings, exhaust valves