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The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world’s largest recreational diving membership organization. The membership includes dive businesses, resort facilities, academic institutions, instructor trainers, dive educators, divers, snorkelers and other watersports enthusiasts. Professional PADI Members (dive centers, resorts, educational facilities, instructors, assistant instructors and divemasters) teach the vast majority of the world’s recreational divers, issuing nearly 946,000 certifications each year. PADI Professionals make underwater exploration and adventure accessible to the public while maintaining the highest industry standards for dive training, safety and customer service.

Sport Diver Interactive (PADI) The official publication of the PADI Diving Society

Recreational Facility and Dive Site Search (PADI) The official publication of the PADI Diving Society

Divers Alert Network (DAN) Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers and associated with Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). DAN is supported by the largest association of recreational divers in the world.Founded in 1980, DAN has served as a lifeline for the scuba industry by operating diving’s only 24-hour emergency hotline, a lifesaving service for injured divers. Additionally, DAN operates a diving medical information line, conducts vital diving medical research, and develops and provides a number of educational programs for everyone from beginning divers to medical professionals. Divers Alert Network is supported by membership dues and donations. In return, members receive a number of important benefits including $100,000 emergency medical evacuation assistance, DAN educational publications, a subscription to Alert Diver and Skin Diver (Alert Diver Edition) magazines, and access to diving’s first and foremost accident insurance coverage

Brockville and surrounding area offers up some of the best Scuba diving sites available for both the beginner and advanced diver. If you are planning a Scuba diving trip to the Brockville area this section will assist you in planning your dives.