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Scuba Rentals

2 tanks, regulator w/ computer, BCD, wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood, mask, snorkel, fins, bag, weight belt and weights. Unlimited refills for the duration of your rental period. All gear must be returned clean and dry (see rental policies below).

  • Weekday Daily Rate: $60 per day Monday to Thursday (for Nitrox add $10 per day per tank)
  • Weekend Daily Rate: $75 per day Friday to Sunday (for Nitrox add $10 per day per tank)
  • Weekend Special: $110 (or $130 for Nitrox) Saturday and Sunday
  • Pick up after 4 p.m. the day before, return by noon the next day.

Individual Items

  • Scuba cylinder: Aluminum Air $15, Aluminum Nitrox $25, Steel Air $25, Steel Nitrox $35
  • Regulator (with Subgear XP10 console computer) $30 (do not include mouthpieces)
  • BCD $15
  • 6.5 mm wetsuit $25
  • Boots $5
  • Gloves$5
  • Hood $5
  • Mask and snorkel $15
  • Fins $10
  • Bag $5
  • Knife $10
  • Compass $10
  • Light $10
  • Weight belt 50¢ (per lb. )
  • All rentals are per person per day plus taxes.
  • All rentals are subject to a $100 deposit.
  • Pick up after 4 p.m. the day before, return by noon the next day.

Rental Policy

  • All neoprene items (suits, boots, gloves, hoods) must be hand washed with mild soap, fresh water rinsed, and hung dry prior to return.
  • Scuba cylinders must be returned clean (no mud, grass, etc.) and with a minimum of 300 psi of air.
  • Regulator must be rinsed, with dust cap in place. When cleaning, do not submerge regulator first stage.
    BCD must be fresh water rinsed and all water drained from the bladder.
  • All accessory items must be fresh water rinsed and dried prior to return (mask, snorkel, fins, weight, compass, knife, etc.).
    All equipment must be returned on the specified date. Daily rental fees will be charged for each day equipment is late.
  • A $20 VIP charge will apply to tanks returned empty.
  • A $25 servicing fee will apply to any regulator returned without the dust cap in place.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply on any neoprene items needing cleaning.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply to any BCD needing cleaning and/or draining.
  • A $20 cleaning fee will apply to any accessory equipment that needs cleaning.

How we perform infection control of our rental equipment

Equipment rental is handled with particular care, especially considering
the responsibility of Sharky’s Scuba in case of possible contamination. Therefore, these are some guidelines followed by Sharky Scuba:


  • Rental equipment is disinfected as indicated, after each use, with particular attention to regulators, BCDs, snorkels and masks.
  • Rental masks need to be fit-tested by each diver before use, which implies
    disinfection after each test. We encourage customersto bring at least their own mask.
  • Our areas designated for returned rental equipment are kept separate from areas where disinfected equipment is stored.
  • Customers are prevented from entering the area where disinfected equipment is stored to prevent infection. All gear will be brought out to customers.
  • All rental equipment are transported in individual containers, marked with the customer’s name.
  • Once disinfected, storing masks, regulators and snorkels are put in closed bags, to be removed before use.
  • We request that customers do not touch the cylinder valve outlet or regulator inlet when assembling and disassembling their scuba unit.