Valid Scuba Certifications

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If your certification is listed below you may qualify to enroll in the SSI  Specialty Diving Programs.
  • ACUC Open Water or Plongeur Scuba Eau Libre
  • ANIS One Star Junior or One Star Diver
  • AUSI Level 2 Diver
  • BSAC Ocean Diver, Club Diver or Sport Diver
  • CMAS One Star Diver
  • FFESSM Niveau I
  • FIAS Base Avanzato
  • IDEA Open Water
  • IDD Open Water Diver
  • IDF Two Star Diver (with Alternate Air Source Ascent and 50 yard compass swim)
  • NASDS Open Water
  • NAUI Scuba Diver or Open Water One
  • PDIC Open Water
  • SAA Club Diver
  • SSI Open Water Diver
  • SNMP NICEAU (Level) 1
  • SSAC 3rd Class Diver
  • YMCA Bronze Star, Open Water or Scuba Diver

Other certifications may qualify for enrollment in SSI  Specialty Diving Programs. To be considered, your certification must show proof of an entry-level scuba certification with a minimum of four open water training dives. Contact Sharky’s Scuba for further information.