TDI Diver Level ProgramsCDN
Nitrox (gases included)$150
Advanced Nitrox (gases included)$450
Decompression Procedures (gases included)$450
Extended Range (gases included)$850
Entry Level Trimix (gases included)$850
Rebreather (Drager Ray)(gases included)$400
Rebreather (Drager Dolphin)(gases included)$550
SDI Solo Diver(gases included)$250
Basic Blending$300
Advanced Blending$300
Service Technician$300
Technical Divemaster$400
Visual Inspector$250
TDI Diver Level ProgramsCDN
Nitrox + Advanced Nitrox$525
Advanced Nitrox + Decompression Procedures$750
Decompression Procedures + Extended Range$1200
Extended Range + Entry Level Trimix$1500
Drager Ray + Drager Dolphin$750
Basic + Advanced Blending$500
Basic + Service Technician$500
Advanced Blending + Service Technician$500
Basic + Advanced Blending + Service Technician$750
TDI Career DevelopmentCDN
Nitrox Instructor Cross Over$350
Nitrox Instructor$400
Advanced Nitrox Instructor$550
Decompression Procedures Instructor$600
Extended Range Instructor$1250
Trimix Instructor$1750
Rebreather Instructor (Dolphin + Ray)$750
Drager Ray Rebreather Update$250
Basic Blending Instructor$500
Advanced Blending Instructor$400
Service Technician Instructor$450
Visual Inspector Instructor$400
Medical Assistance ProgramsCDN
SDI CPROX Administrator$175
SDI CPR1st Administrator$175
DAN Oxygen Administrator$125

Additional Information

Liability Releases/Waivers, and Medical Forms are required to be signed prior to taking part in any Diving Programs
Photocopies of all certification cards are required along with Dan Insurance or Equivalent
Prices are subject to change without notification. For most current pricing and more detailed course information please call Sharky’s @ (613)728-0188
TDI/SDI Diver Level Courses include student manual ,TDI/SDI Registration fees, gases, (Oxygen, Helium & Argon) :boat/charter fees are not included in tuition fees.
TDI/SDI Instructor level courses do not include Instructor manuals or lesson guides. TDI/SDI Registration fees, gases, (Oxygen, Helium & Argon) and boat/charter fees are not included in tuition fees.
TDI Instructor Level courses above Nitrox require TDI/SDI insurance or equivalent.
SDI Instructor Candidate Course includes Instructor Evaluation.
Equipment use and rental is not included in any of the above pricing.
Minimum $100 Non-Refundable Deposit required on all courses.
The above prices are tuition fees only and do not guarantee certification.