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During the pandemic, we are hunkered down repairing and maintaining our customer’s scuba gear. You have to be ready to travel once the travel bans are lifted. 

Come by and drop off your Scuba Gear to be serviced. We expect to be overwhelmed by requests for service and maintenance in the next month or so when everything becomes better locally and worldwide for travel. Be proactive and get your gear serviced now… before the rush.

To extend the life of your equipment and to minimize the chance of diving accidents, it is critical that your equipment be in top working order for every dive. Whether you own just a mask, snorkel and fins, or a complete set of scuba gear, every diving dollar you invest will be maximized through proper equipment maintenance procedures and annual servicing.

The technical aspects of maintaining, storing, transporting and handling scuba equipment must be part of every diver’s fundamental knowledge of the sport. Each year, too many diving excursions are upset by last minute equipment malfunctions, by a lack of spare parts for field repairs, or simply by a lack of basic knowledge regarding the operation of scuba equipment.

Sharky’s offers key support in the subject of equipment selection, repair and maintenance, dealer upgrades, and safety and education. We carry a large selection of spare parts and our certified technicians perform a variety of in-shop repairs. Our visual tank inspection programs and equipment overhaul services will keep you diving safely and comfortably all year round.

Use the navigator on the right to learn more about proper maintenance procedures and the associated costs of servicing your scuba equipment