Sir Robert Peel

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This British steamer was built at Brockville about 1837. One evening in 1838 she was tied up at Wellesley Island for firewood, however she experienced a visit by “pirate” Bill Johnston and friends disguised as Indians. After looting everything they set fire to the “Peel” and set her adrift to sink.

The “Peel” is located just upstream from the 1000 Islands Bridge. She sits in 120-135 ft. of water with her boiler sitting in about 80 ft. of water.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river St. Lawrence River Official name Sir Robert Peel
 GPS Coordinates N44 18.0400
W75 59.1760
 Also known as –
 Access n/a Type n/a
 Description Shipwreck Material n/a
 Min. / max. depth 120-135 ft Propulsion n/a
 Visibility n/a Cargo n/a
 Current n/a Built by / at Brockville, Ontario
 Level n/a Built / lauch date 1837
 Thermocline n/a Sunk / flooded 1838
 Bottom type n/a Dimensions n/a
 Boat traffic n/a Position n/a
 Hazards n/a