This ship was a 2,008 ton double planked propeller of 252 ft. x 36 ft. x 16 ft. deep and capable of 8 knots. Launched July 6, 1878 she sank May 22, 1922. The bow is upstream and near shore with the vessel angled out into the river. Conestoga lies at about a 30 ft. depth with a quick current, but by swimming inside the hull you escape this current for most of your dive. Conestoga has been used by many visitors as their site for night diving.

Conestoga lies along side the old canal south wall, a short distance upstream (west) from Cardinal, Ontario. Cardinal is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence river and only a few miles east of the Ogdensburg, New York bridge and south of the 401 highway.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river  St. Lawrence River  Official name  Conestoga
 GPS Coordinates  N44 46.4600
W75 23.3600
 Also known as  –
 Access  Shore  Type  Freighter
 Description  Shipwreck  Material  Wood and steel
 Min. / max. depth  10-28 ft  Propulsion  Steam
 Visibility  10-50 ft  Cargo  Wheat
 Current  ±1 knot  Built by / at  Quale & Son
Cleveland, Ohio
 Level  Novice  Built / lauch date  July 6th, 1878
 Thermocline  No  Sunk / flooded  May 22nd, 1922
 Bottom type  Silt  Dimensions  252 ft x 36 ft x 16 ft
 Boat traffic  None  Position  Upright
 Hazards  None