Roy A. Jodery

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This is a very deep wreck site and not recommended for recreational divers. This relatively modern steel freighter (over 700 ft. long) of Algoma Steel Ore Company was lost Nov. 20, 1972, after striking a shoal off Alexandria Bay, NY. She attempted to beach herself on the south shoreline of Wellesley Island.

This site is located on the south shoreline of Wellesley Island at the Coast Guard Station where she sits with her stern in 242 ft. of water and her bow at 150 ft.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river St. Lawrence River Official name Roy A. Jodrey
 GPS Coordinates N44 19.8560
W75 56.0530
 Also known as –
 Access Boat Type Tanker
 Description Shipwreck Material Steel
 Min. / max. depth 130-240 ft + Propulsion Propeller
 Visibility n/a Cargo n/a
 Current Strong Built by / at n/a
 Level Technical Built / lauch date n/a
 Thermocline n/a Sunk / flooded November 20th, 1972
 Bottom type n/a Dimensions Over 700 ft
 Boat traffic n/a Position n/a
 Hazards n/a