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The schooner Maggie L was built in 1889 at Picton, Ontario by the well known builders Redmond. Maggie Lsuffered a fatal blow June, 1927 when she cut out of the channel towards the Clayton NY Harbor and into the path of a steel freighter (possibly “Keyvive”).

With her bow totally removed she sank quickly in 75 ft. of water. The bow section has never been found.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river  Lake Ontario  Official name  Maggie L.
 GPS Coordinates  n/a  Also known as  –
 Access  n/a  Type  Schooner
 Description  Shipwreck  Material  n/a
 Min. / max. depth  75 ft  Propulsion  n/a
 Visibility  n/a  Cargo  n/a
 Current  n/a  Built by / at  Redmond
Picton, Ontario
 Level  n/a  Built / lauch date  1889
 Thermocline  n/a  Sunk / flooded  June 1927 (1912?)
 Bottom type  n/a  Dimensions  n/a
 Boat traffic  n/a  Position  n/a
 Hazards  n/a