Henry C. Daryaw

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This 219 ft. x 35 ft. x 13 ft. steel freighter built in France in 1919 suffered an unforgiving gash on her starboard side running over a shoal. The bow area has a number of items of interest to divers and many enjoy a visit up to the keel of the Daryawand do a “keel walk”. This area lets you view the gash in her bottom that sent her to her fate.

Located upstream from the Brockville “narrows”, the Daryaw rests upside down at a depth of 95 ft. with a very quick surface current. Divers are continually impressed with the large twin props and rudder that meet them as they descend the buoy line.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river  St. Lawrence River  Official name  Henry C. Daryaw
 GPS Coordinates  N44 31.3400
W75 45.5000
 Also known as  Daryaw
 Access  Boat  Type  Freighter
 Description  Shipwreck  Material  Steel
 Min. / max. depth  55-95 ft  Propulsion  Steam
 Visibility  20-40 ft  Cargo  n/a
 Current  2-3 knots  Built by / at  n/a
 Level  Advanced  Built / lauch date  1919
 Thermocline  No  Sunk / flooded  November 21st, 1941
 Bottom type  n/a  Dimensions  219 ft x 35 ft x 13 ft
 Boat traffic  n/a  Position  Upside down
 Hazards  Darkness