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Built in 1759 by the French as “Iroquois”, (L’Iroqouis), at Maitland Ontario, she was captured by the British at the battle of Fort de Levis near Prescott, Ontario. She was pressed into British service under the name “Anson” and while delivering winter supplies to the lake forts she struck a shoal and wintered near Niagara Shoals at Fishers Landing. The crew wintered on the nearby island to salvage her in the spring, however it is thought she was pushed into deeper water and beyond reach by spring ice.

Iroquois remains a fragile rib cage resting near the foot of Niagara Shoal with her stern in 65 ft. of water and her bow in 80 ft. on a firm sand bottom.

 Dive site description
 Object description
 Lake / river  Lake Ontario  Official name  Iroquois
 GPS Coordinates  N44 17.2380
W76 00.9730
 Also known as  Anson
 Access  Boat  Type  n/a
 Description  Shipwreck  Material  Wood
 Min. / max. depth  65-80 ft  Propulsion  Sail
 Visibility  n/a  Cargo  n/a
 Current  n/a  Built by / at  Maitland Ontario
 Level  n/a  Built / lauch date  1759
 Thermocline  n/a  Sunk / flooded  November 1763
 Bottom type  Sand  Dimensions  n/a
 Boat traffic  n/a  Position  n/a
 Hazards  n/a