2024 Open Water Diver and Open Water Referral Course Schedule



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The Open Water course includes five pool dives and knowledge development sessions, offered all year except late Nov and Dec. These are followed by four open water dives, offered from late spring through to late fall.

Each night we have our theory portion of the course at the store’s classrooms on Wellington, then we go to Plant Bath pool at the corner of Preston and Somerset. The course runs either every Tuesday or Thursday for 5 weeks, or Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 weeks, from 6pm-11:30pm. Plus the OW weekend dives. There are usually also week-long courses during the summer.

On the calendar, each set of same-colored sequential blocks represents one full OW course, not including the listed OW weekend dates. The dates listed inside the colored blocks on the weekdays show the start and end dates for the 5 combination class/pool evenings, and the OW weekend dates which complete the certification process. For example “ Starts: Jan 5, to Feb 2. Tuesdays for 5 weeks + OW wknd May 14,15 “ To navigate through the calendar pages use the arrows below this line; the inner arrows change the month, the outer arrows change the year.

Open water weekend dates may be subject to change.
***Please Come in At Least One Week in Advance to Register for a Course if possible***