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The SSI Dive Professional Pathway –

Dive Guide, Divemaster, Dive Control Specialist and Open Water Instructor.

Dive Guide is the first step and teaches you how to take care of certified divers above and below the water – Dive briefings, checking people into and out of the water and leading certified divers underwater are just a few of things you will learn.

The next step is Divemaster. Once you are a certified Dive Guide, simply sign up for the Science of Diving specialty. Here you will learn the much needed Physics & Physiology, Decompression Theory, advanced information about Dive Equipment and the Aquatic Environment. As soon as you pass the Science of Diving program and receive your certification, you will be awarded the coveted Divemaster rating and the ability to assist Open Water Instructors

With Divemaster out of the way, the natural progression is Dive Control Specialist. Devoted dive professionals motivated to share their love of diving will find the Dive Control Specialist program exactly what you they are looking for: actual teaching and assisting! This program teaches you how to teach and the responsibility for others. Under supervision, you will gain first-hand experience in both the classroom and pool. Dive Control Specialist is the necessary foundation for teaching on your own and becoming an SSI Open Water Instructor.

There is a high demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share that experience with others. For SSI, the most important step in a Dive Professional’s career is becoming a person who can train new divers – the SSI Open Water Instructor.