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Sharky's Scuba is he largest Ottawa scuba store. We have dive gear, PADI scuba courses, scuba & snorkel rentals and friendly sales & service staff. Dive Gear
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Scuba Accessories

All your needs for scuba Diving

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Trident First Aid Kit - $19.99

A must-have on every dive site.
Adult Snorkelling Vest - $69.99

Provides surface flotation for snorkelers and makes them more visible.
Student Deluxe Kit - $29.99

A take home kit with all your simple diving needs from ear drops to octo horders.
Cressi Mask Replacement Kit - $14.99

All your odds and ends to fix/replace your cressi mask.
Tank valve caps, assorted types, starting at - $2.99

Use to prtotect valve outlet and mark tanks.
Weight keepers, assorted types, starting at - $1.50

Help to secure weights on weight belt.
Weight belt buckles, assorted types, starting at - $5.99

Standard size, assorted types and materials,fits most belts.
Aquatec Scub-Alert Signaling Device - $99.99

Get attention by signaling underwater or on the surface.
Junior Snorkelling Vest - $59.99

Provides surface flotation for snorkelers and makes them more visible.
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